Isagenix teaming with Democrat leaders?


Business is booming for Isagenix (this review says it all), and they’re simply busting their seams as far as office space goes. They’ve chosen a brand new development near Phoenix, Arizona which will provide ample space plus room to grow.

But perhaps the most intriguing part of the story is the fact that Isagenix leaders could be looking at hosting a workshop in the Chandler area that will help small businesses. This has also got the attention of a Democratic small business coalition in the Phoenix metropolitan area, making the event a big deal for many people.

Isagenix Experiences Phenomenal Growth

With over $500 million in growth reported for the period from April 2013 to April 2014, Isagenix is experiencing unprecedented growth. Sales of weight-loss, energy and anti-aging products have skyrocketed, as have the number of distributors.

Isagenix has a presence in 12 countries with negotiations underway for even more. As the company grows, so do the administrative, financial and executive staff, not to mention the ranks of customer care employees and outsourced contractors like Salt Lake City’s SEO Pro League, which handles some of the digital marketing.

It’s these “back office” departments that are currently bursting at their seams in terms of office space. Currently housed on S. Price Road in Chandler, AZ, they’ve been gearing up for relocating since July of this year, when it was announced that they had chosen a new site near Gilbert Road and Loop 202 in Chandler.

New Digs Are at Rivulon, a Premier Business District

“Rivulon” has been chosen as the name of the mix-use center developed by national development firms Nationwide Realty Investors and Hines Interests LP.

It will include around 3 million square feet of “class A” office space, plus half a million square feet of retail space and hotels.

The 250 acres will become a premier location for businesses in the number one fastest growing community in the nation. Chandler is near Phoenix, AZ.

Groundbreaking for Rivulon was November 12, 2014 and talks are already underway to attract specialty grocery stores and multiple restaurants. There will be an L.A. Fitness as well. The three-story Isagenix headquarters space is approximately 150,000 square feet.

Expected Move-In date Can’t Come Soon Enough!

Already crowding out the current space, Isagenix employees are eagerly awaiting the day they can move to their gorgeous new offices. The developers have incorporated sustainability and green practices into the entire site. Visualizations can be seen on the Rivulon website.

The folks at Rivulon will just have to wait a bit longer, however: expected completion of their building is late 2015. That’s a year away.

Isagenix, Going Forward

In the meantime, Isagenix staff will continue offering high quality wellness products, superior customer service to their customers, and comprehensive support to their distributors worldwide.

They’re also hiring a new legion of customer support staff, to accommodate the influx of new customers and distributors.

About Isagenix

Isagenix is a multi-level direct sales company whose distributors earn income by selling wellness products and also by reaching out to enroll new distributors, thereby earning commission-based income. For the time being, you can find their headquarters at:

Isagenix 2225 S. Price Road
Chandler, Arizona 85286 USA

The present facility in Chandler is also open for tours every Friday. For details on how to visit Isagenix and see where it all happens, visit the company website,




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